About the book

Leading With Obeya is the title of a book by Tim Wiegel, founder at ObeyaCoaching.com. The Reference Model and book are dedicated to the development of human leadership potential. Inspired by many years of experience as a consultant and coach applying Lean and Agile practices, Tim finished working on his book 'Leading with Obeya'. The book is the result of his studies into leadership, psychology, Lean and Agile practices and describes a visual leadership approach in a physical space where leaders get to practice and develop their craftsmanship.

About the author

Tim founded ObeyaCoaching.com, based near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Besides coaching and training leadership teams, Tim promotes the development of sustainable leadership potential in three ways:

1. Organize public meet-up events with topics on Obeya

2. Provide Leadership training based on the book and reference model

3. Support of a growing community of Obeya enthusiasts at Obeya-Association.com

Want to get in touch? info@ObeyaCoaching.com

About the Reference Model

The free Leading with Obeya - Reference Model is used in two ways:

1. To discuss all aspects of leadership in a general fashion

2. To help explain, build and improve your Obeya as a means to support the translation of strategy to meaningful work and results on a Monday morning.

The Leading With Obeya - Reference Model captures the visible and invisible elements of the workings in an Obeya designed for leading the organization. 

Obeya means 'Big Room' in Japanese, originates from Toyota and entails a way of working for management that is heavily supported by visual management. Its strength comes from the power of visual management, combined with scientific thinking and developing people.


The reference model makes Lean and Agile principles relatively easy to adopt, using a 'scrum'-like clarity on rituals, techniques and principles for anybody in a leadership position in any type of organization.


In essence, through the reference model and book, organizations can implement and improve their leadership system. 

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