Why a framework?

There is no standard recipe for Obeya
Essentially, Obeya is not so much a specific tool but rather a set of practices, tools and behaviours that if combined, can provide a practical way of working for Leadership inside a big room we call Obeya. The practices and how they are applied may differ case by case. Also, the needs of how those practices are applied, when and where are likely different for each leadership team or organization. It is for that reason that we believe there should not be one way of doing Obeya. 

Use the framework as guidance for your Obeya implementation

However, a common set of aspects that affect the likely positive outcome of an Obeya can be established. Let's call them the 'ingredients' for any good Obeya, regardless of what the Obeya itself may look like. And that's exactly the proposition of the framework: to provide with the ingrediënts so you know what to look for when cookin' up your own Obeya. The Framework helps to check that you have included all necessary ingrediënts and for each ingredient we identify the key points that must be done right to get the full effect of your Obeya.

A framework for constant development, and constant development for the farmework

The framework is surrounded by a usercommunity that is intrinsically motivated to develop it into a leadership standard for the future. By regularly reviewing the framework, sharing experiences, and appliyng a scientific method for improvement, the Obeya Leadership Framework is imrpoved for the better of our society.

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